How To Cure Drooping Veins With Only One Ingredient #Tidytip by Nisha 🌞 Sebastian - Musely
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How To Cure Drooping Veins With Only One Ingredient #Tidytip

posted in Health & Fitness
  • - Preparation and use
    Gather buds and flowers, fruit and bark of young branches from horse chestnut.


    The buds have esculin, the flowers quercetin as well as tannin, as well as the fruit – starches, healthy proteins, esculin, sterol, vitamin P, B1, C and K, minerals. The saponin contained in the bark of the branches and fruit, deals with skin diseases, it dilutes the blood and makes it less sticky.

    Preparation and use:

    Horse chestnuts are mainly used as a medicine for veins. Ointments against sunburns, tea that helps avoid fever and ague, anxiety, piles, looseness of the

  • bowels, and coughing are also made from it.

    Homemade brandy for external treatment of varicose veins

    20 fruits of horse chestnut are crushed, and spilled over 1 liter of a more powerful domestic brandy. The fluid is kept in a closed jar for exactly 40 days. You should often mix it with a wooden spoon. After 40 days strain it through a strainer and kept it closed in a clean container. Prior to usage, the bottle needs to be shaken to blend the residue. Cover the surface of the varicose veins with it, but do not rub it! During this the brandy becomes white soap and also is swiftly soaked right

  • into the skin. The veins are treated several times a day. This drink can be used – spread out on the affected area and the inflamed legs and also for dealing with cellulite.

    Extract from wild chestnuts

    1) 4-5 fruits of horse chestnut are grated and poured over 1 liter of cold cognac. The bottle should be left for 6-8 weeks and after that it should be strained. This essence is eaten in drops to deal with veins and circulation, varicose capillaries of the legs, thrombophlebitis. The vitamin P raises the resistance of the blood vessels.

  • 2) Over 12 to 15 flours and fresh grated chestnut pour 250 ml of cold cognac and mix. When it cools down strain it.

    It is consumed in drops 3 times a day 15 to 20 drops in water or on a sweets cube.


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