How To Clean Your Room by Stella Haapala - Musely
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How To Clean Your Room

posted in Home & Garden
  • The first thing you should do is put on music.
    Make sure it is upbeat , it has to be something that will keep you working fast.

  • Open the windows.
    Opening the windows will help get you into the right head space and keep you working. If you are cleaning at night, then just turn the lights on.

  • Make your bed.
    Making your bed is an essential step to cleaning your room; some people say that making your bed makes your room 50% more clean; so why not do it first!

  • Clean up your clothes.
    I don't know about you, but when my room is messy, usually almost half of it is dirty ( and clean) clothes littering the ground.
    Sort your clothes into a dirty pile and a clean one. Once you are done, put the clean clothes neatly into your drawers or closet; then put the dirty clothes into you laundry basket and set aside.

  • Clean your desk.
    Gather everything that doesn't belong on your desk, and put it where it belongs. Then take everything that is left on your desk and set it on your bed. Dust off your desk with a wet rag. Place everything on your desk in an orderly way.

  • Clean up your crafts.
    You may not have crafts, and if that is the case than you can skip this step.
    Take all of your craft supplies and place them on your bed. If you want to you can use mason jars to place your pens and markers in.
    Organize all of your craft supplies as you want to and then place them where they belong.

  • You probably have random objects lying all around your room right now, so this is the step that will fix that.
    Pick up all of those random objects around your room and place them on your bed. Sort through all of that junk and place it back where it belongs.

  • Clean up the trash in your room.
    Take a plastic bag and go around your room picking up all the trash. After you are done, place the plastic bag by the dirty laundry.

  • Take out the trash and laundry.

  • Vacuum or sweep.
    Vacuum/ sweep your whole room; this will make your room feel so much cleaner I guarantee.

  • Jump on to your bed and look around at your clean room! Walla!

  • I hope you enjoyed this tip!
    If you did, make sure to click the ❤ button and share. Please comment if this helped!


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