How To Build A Fashion First Aid Kit by Nisha 🌞 Sebastian - Musely
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How To Build A Fashion First Aid Kit

posted in Fashion
  • Super Glue
    Put a dot of super glue on a loose bead or sequin that you don’t have time to sew back on.

    Double-Stick Tape
    In a pinch, it fixes falling hemlines, removes lint,& it keeps your boobs in place.

    A Black Sharpie
    Scuffed ur black heels or shoe soles? Use a Sharpie to fill it in. This also works if u’ve chipped a dark manicure.

    Hanger Foam
    Stash a piece of protective foam from the dry cleaner in your bag—it flawlessly removes deodorant, food, & makeup stains on fabric!

    Clear Nail Polish
    Got a run in ur tights? A light coat will ensure sure they don’t rip even more.

  • Dryer Sheets
    Keep one in your purse to kill clothing static-cling, and staticy hair.

    Wet Wipes
    These clean dirty shoes, spot-clean clothes, loosen too-tight rings, and clean your hands if you’re not near a sink.

    Plain Lip Balm
    Plain balm can tame flyaways in a pinch, can make your teeth look shinier, and can even sooth a paper cut or a burn (damn that curling iron.)

    Mini Flat Iron
    If real ironing isn’t an option, a travel-sized flat iron can easily remove wrinkles from collars, cuffs, and hems.

    A Coffee Fiter
    Fold one up and stick it in your makeup bag—they absorb shine as well as—if not

  • better than—pricey oil-blotting sheets.

    In a pinch, the edge of a matchbook can double as a nail file.


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