How To Become A Faster Sprinter by LillyGrace Noland - Musely
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How To Become A Faster Sprinter

posted in Sports
  • Squats! Squats work every section of muscle in your body if done correctly. This includes calfs, quadriceps, arms, upper and lower back, and abs. There are three things you MUST remember for squats to benefit you; keep your back locked, keep your heels flat, and go all the way down to parallel. Your back should not be hyper extended, just locked. If you go up on your toes, you are squatting wrong! Stick your butt out more to keep weight on your heels. Your feet should always remain flat. Go all the way down! Your butt should be to the level or past your knees or else you won't change at all.

  • Overspeeds! Do these once a week, 3-5 times as over doing it can be bad for your knees. Find a hill, and sprint down as fast as you can. I would recommend a grass hill, not a road because you will most likely fall or feel like you will. If you don't feel like you're about to fall, you aren't going fast enough. Overspeeds show your body better than your mind and that you can go faster than you think you can. In this case, less is more! Don't do too many or you might get joint injuries.

  • Stretch AFTER you work out. This is because your muscles are already want and is much less likely you will pull or rupture something. Stretch a lot though, flexibility is not something that comes with strength so you have to remain as flexible as you can.

  • Push-ups. Yes. Why? You move your arms a lot when you sprint or run, the after you move your arms the faster your legs go. You want to have strong arms so they can move fast and effectively.

  • Practice practice practice. Minimum five days a week, but be sure to rest too. You won't get faster if you don't work to get there. You get out what you put in.


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