How To Be Better At Sports by Jessica Denver - Musely
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How To Be Better At Sports

posted in Sports
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    Intro: this is a guide for people who are just very bad at sports in general.

  • 🏈 watch sports
    Watch a lot of sports. The more you see, the more you know. It doesn't matter if it's in real life or on tv. This helps you to know what it looks like to play them and it helps you to know how to play them

  • 🎾 keep you eye on the ball
    Don't let your eyes wonder. If you're looking at the ball and you always know where it is, it's so much easier to catch it.

  • 🏀 keep your head in the game
    Don't get side tracked or distracted. You want to be focused on what you're doing. Be a focused athlete.

  • ⚽️ play with confidence
    If the ball comes toward you, don't shy away from it. Play the game with confidence and you will do much better. If you catch yourself saying things like, "oh, I'm so bad at this. I'll never be good/I'll never win..." Just tell yourself "Not with that attitude!!!!!!" Just basically have a good attitude.

  • 🏉 have fast reflexes
    You can't go back and change your move. You have to teach yourself to play quickly. The more you play a game/sport, the more the moves will get into your muscle memory. You will develop instincts and the game will become much easier.

  • ⚾️ run fast
    Whether it's kickball or tennis, you need to be able to run quickly.

  • 🏆 be agile
    You don't want to sprain anything. And being flexible will help you move easier when your playing. It also reduces the chance of injuring muscles.

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