How To Be Beautiful by How To Be BeautifulThe biggest thing people forget is their smile. It really completes their look. Be yourself. You are an amazing person and only you can be it. Have good vibes... It makes a huge difference! If you think happy you will be happy😜Live your life to it's fullest. You only live once✨Don't be afraid of what people think. Stay strong. The people who are the happiest are the strongest. Keep memories. Remember all the fun things you have done? Do you want to do them again? Yes, because it made you happy😊Laugh with your friends. Yes it is important to succeed in school/work and make time for your family. But friends should count as family. Fall in love. Life is one giant Ferris wheel. You go up and you come down but that person you love will help you get back up. . .Stay crazy! It's good to be crazy because it makes others laugh, which puts a smile on their face, which makes them beautiful. An when thy realize it they become theirselves and crest wonderful things❤️❤️❤️This is what I did and I am happy healthy, and low being myself. I have more friends than ever and I love them so much. Thanks so much for checking this out every like means so much to me😘😘