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How To Avoid Emotional Eating

posted in Health & Fitness
  • Why we eat am emotionally?

    Unpleasant emotions: Indulging in food and sweets naturally raises feel good hormones of serotonin and lowers the feelings of stress, giving you a mood lift.

    Social situations/pressure: This is a surprising trigger for emotional eating. You may be pressured into eating unhealthy to fit into a group.

    Family history: It can always date back to some childhood roots. You may always think about your mother who baked a pan of brownies whenever you had friends over, or a grand mother who shoved food in your face.

    You can stop these triggers by following a few steps!

  • 1. Keep a food journal.

    Keeping tabs on how much you eat is a smart idea because it helps you identify calories you might not realize you actually are consuming. It also helps to keep note of how you feel when you are consuming your food. That way you can pinpoint what type of food you eat when you're feeling certain ways.

  • 2. Indulge, then wait.

    An important emotional eating tip is to wait out your cravings. When you're eyeing those chips across the room allow yourself a few, then wait about 15 minutes to see if your cravings diminish.

  • 3. Find healthy alternatives to eating.

    If you're eating out of loneliness, call up a friend and get some coffee, or hit up that store you've buying dying to look at. If you're stressed take a long bath, or curl up with your honey and have some nice cuddles.

  • 4. Stop with the processed food.

    Store bought snacks are loaded with sodium, sugar, and artificial sweeteners, which trigger your body to want and eat more. Stay healthy with easy snack alternatives.

  • 5. Get moving!

    Working out raises endorphin levels, which is a natural mood booster. Committing to a regular exercise routine will keep your stress levels low and will keep you in a great mood. Whether you'll be a beginner or you're already a gym pro find a program that works for you!

  • 6. Get some z's

    A good nights sleep is a must-have for emotional eating, because it helps regulate hunger hormones. It will also reduce feelings of stress throughout the day.

  • 7. Meditate
    Mediation has been used since forever to ease stress and anxiety. Studies have shown binge eaters who meditated reduced the amount of times they binged per week in comparison to others who just received support and education.

  • 8. Be persistent

    It takes time to break habits, especially if they bring comfort and ease stress. If you find yourself eating emotionally don't beat yourself up! Use it as a learning opportunity so you make better choices next time.

  • Make goals, and you're always welcome to celebrate when you meet them! Just don't binge!
    Make goals, and you're always welcome to celebrate when you meet them! Just don't binge!


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