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How I Grew My Hair In A Week

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • I've been using bamboo silica for a week now and my hair has already grown at least 3 inches , there are other types of silica you can get but I chose bamboo, this vitimin also helps with skin as in wrinkles and blemishes and it helps with joint pain

  • Don't wash your hair everyday ! That stops natural hair oils which are a big part of healthy long hair , back in the day it was actually a bad thing to have freshly washed hair ever hear the saying "I'd love to see you but I just washed me hair" that's where that came from. So shower cap it :)

  • I showered everyday but I only washed my hair every 3rd day it may look greasy at first but soon your hair will get use to it and not produce as mush grease

  • Give your head a massage every night or when you shower this helps blood flow

  • Drink plenty of water this helps with everything in your body , it clears skin and it's an antioxidant .

  • This is what I do every night , all my family does it and said its a miracle for hair growth I simply braid it . It best to do it with wet hair but dry hair works too, braid your hair every night and you'll see the difference in a few days.

  • That's my hair now just from a week of doing all of this, it use to be just at my shoulders also don't use heat products every day!

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