Honey & Nutmeg Mask To Help Treat eczema by Honey & Nutmeg Mask To Help Treat eczemaDo you suffer from eczema? If yes. Then you need to try this honey and nutmeg mask. May also help with psoriasisTo make the mask you will need A plastic bowl A small clean jar A face cloth or wash cloth Warm water Honey (any kind but i use natural set honey) Ground nutmeg You could use whole nutmeg if you can be Bothered to grate it. You can also add vitamin E Oil ( i dont add the vitamin e oil)In your plastic bowl add 2 table spoons of honey then add 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg and mix together. Then just add to your jar & your ready to use it. To use face mask Apply to face using your fingers Leave on for 10 mins The rinse off using a face cloth or wash cloth and warm water No need to use soap or face wash as it just wipes off. Once all the face mask has been rinsed off your face apply you favourite moisturiser. I use coconut oil as its good for treating eczemaThis face mask works after the first use. You can also use this mask everytime you wash your face. Just wash your face as normal then appy the mask. Also this mask is good at getting rid of spotsYou can also use this mask on any part of you body where you have ezcema. Just make a bigger batch.