Homemade Moisturizer For Hands And Body

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  • Majority of cosmetics must to satisfy technical, economic, commercial and image requirements, and to produce them are used a lot of synthetic ingredients. To extend the warranty period the products from the market contain preservatives that are harmful for our body; for example: butylated Hidrotoluen which is considered to be potentially allergenic or parabens which are suspected to have carcinogen potential.
    You can avoid these substances using creams and lotions made by yourself. Maybe it seems difficult at first, but in time you will get use to prepare homemade products, beacause it’s

  • ery simple.
    I recommend you a homemade moisturiez for hand and body. You can read more about the oils in the section” Oils” and you will see such great benefits they have.
    60 grams of shea butter
    20 g of almond oil
    10 grams of olive oil
    10 grams of rice oil
    Three tiny capsules of vitamin E
    a few drops of lavender essential oil (about 10-15)

    To prepare the cream we need a clean, sterilized and dried boil in which you will mix all ingredients with a spoon, a kitchen scale and a container to transfer the cream ( clean, sterilized and dry).

  • Procedure: Method of preparation is very simple. Scales the shea butter and put it in a bowl to melt on the steam bath until it becomes like a cream (do not expect to become liquid). When it melted add all the almond oil, olive oil and the rice oil and mix them. After you mix the butter and the oil, you add the capsules of vitamin and the essential oil.


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