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Homemade Chunk Candles

posted in Food & Drink > Recipes
  • .You will need:
    •Cookie Sheet with about a half-inch lip.
    •Silicone spray or Pam
    •A utility knife or a small paring knife.
    •Suggested wax IGI-1343
    •Double Boiler

  • what to do

    Using a double boiler and a thermometer, melt your wax and bring it to a temperature of about 190 degrees F. Add any additives, dye and fragrance oil that you have chosen and mix well.You can scent and dye the chunks, the overpour wax, or both.For this project, I selected IGI 1343 to make the chunks as well as the overpour. If no additives are used, this wax is somewhat translucent and results in brilliant colors that have some depth to them. If you are using this wax and you intend to add fragrance oil, then the addition of vybar 103 or Universal Additive will be required. These

  • To prevent the chunks from sticking to the cookie sheet, apply a thin film of non-stick cooking spray such as Pam, or a silicone spray lubricant. Either one will work. Wipe out the excess with a paper towel and leave only a very thin film A seasoned cookie sheet will not require anything to aid the release. Also, if you added fragrance oil to the wax, it will act as a release agent. Therefore you will not need any spray

  • With your wax at about 190 degrees F, pour it into the cookie sheet. Try not to spill or splatter. Pour the wax back and forth to distribute the heat throughout the cookie sheet. Pour to a depth that you would like your chunks to be. If you want small chunks, pour shallow. For large chunks, pour deeper Allow the wax to cool to the point that it is firm but still pliable. It will be about the consistency of cookie dough

  • Then, using a paring knife or utility knife, slice the wax into chunks. A criss-cross pattern works well.This is also an excellent opportunity for many other “cookie cutter” embeds like gingerbread men
    Allow the wax to completely cool. For this step, the more brittle it is, the better. You may even want to chill the cookie sheet in the refrigerator, or outside if it is cool enough. Then flip it over and whack it onto a sheet of newspaper or Kraft paper

  • Most of the chunks should come apart. If some are still sticking together, they can be snapped apart by hand. At this point, you might want to make more chunks… different colors possibly
    Wick your mold as usual then fill the prepared mold with chunks. You can arrange them nice-n-neat, or just be sloppy like I did here.You can get creative by layering different colors. Also, you can use the chunks to pin embeds against the sidewalls of the mold

  • Heat your over-pour wax up to about 190 degrees F. Pour the wax into the mold to just cover the chunks. then let cool


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