☀️Holiday/In-Flight Essentials☀️ by ☀️Holiday/In-Flight Essentials☀️Ear Plugs You never know if the person sitting next to you is a snorer. Or the people you're going away with. Moisturiser Your face could (and usually does) get really tight on a flight, make sure you use moisturiser to stop your skin from drying upSunscreen Avoid the sunburn!Baby wipes If you get a sun burn, be sure to gently dap a wipe on the area. Nail file You never know how bored you may get on a 3 hour long flight!Sunglasses You never know how sunny it will be when you hop of the planeA change of clothes It may be hot or cold when you get of the plane, make sure you come prepared!TicTacs/ Candy you can suck Your ears may pop ascending and descending on the plane.