High Cal Formula For Failure To Thrive Babies by Devon Vandyke - Musely
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High Cal Formula For Failure To Thrive Babies

posted in Family & Kids
  • Emmett, 2 weeks old
    Emmett, 2 weeks old
  • I don't know how many moms here are struggling with similar issues, but I thought I'd share anyway.

    Our son was born with severe brain injuries due to a virus in my last trimester.
    Our doctors gave us two choices:
    1. A feeding tube, which required surgery.
    2. Hospice care, which would allow him to pass away at home.
    We chose no. 2
    They told us we had 2 weeks with him, but they were so wrong.
    I allowed him to nurse for comfort, he maintained his weight at 5lbs 5oz, until he was 2 months old when we switched primarily to formula.

  • Emmett, 8 months old. He's still tiny, but who cares? (:
    Emmett, 8 months old. He's still tiny, but who cares? (:
  • He stopped gaining again, and we were so scared we might be back to square one... So I talked to a new doctor.
    Ours was very old school, and didn't give us any suggestions at all to help him. Everyone just assumed he couldn't do it, and no one wanted to help us try.

    So I brought it to their attention, and asked for a way to help him pack on the pounds.

    Neosure preterm formula has extra vitamins and calcium that a physically developed baby doesn't need.
    However you can mix normal formula to provide extra calories!

  • A normal formula contains 20 calories per oz.
    For 22 cal/oz
    •110 ml water + 2 scoops formula = 4 oz final volume
    •160 ml + 3 scoops = 6 oz
    •7 oz + 4 scoops = 8 oz

    24 cal/oz
    •5 oz + 3 scoops = 5 1/2 oz
    •8 oz + 5 scoops = 9 oz
    •13 oz + 8 scoops = 15 oz

    27 cal/oz
    •3 oz + 2 scoops = 3 1/2 oz
    •9 oz + 6 scoops = 10 1/2 oz
    •15 oz + 10 scoops = 17 oz

    27 cal/oz
    •7 oz + 5 scoops = 8 oz
    •10 oz + 7 scoops = 11 1/2 oz
    •13 oz + 9 scoops = 15 oz

  • We use the 24 cal/oz formula.


    There may be side effects such as diarrhea, which can cause major health problems like dehydration.

    To all of the special needs/hospice/hospital mommies out there, never give up hope. Miracles happen, and there are mysteries yet to be solved about the human body. Don't let anyone tell you what you or your children CAN'T do...
    And remember to ask and make your concerns known. Don't wait for your pediatrician to bring it up, because they might not.


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