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Heena FOR Days :) <3

posted in Skin & Body
  • We all know that Mendis (aka: Henna tattoos) are Definitely in style!

    Im here to tell You a hack that will save you lots of money! 

    Trust its for the best!

  • First Off lets just admire the GORGEOUS designs of henna. Even in white.

  • Now lets get down to buisness. My plan for you guys is to GO CHEAP! 

    I call myself a Cheap-a-holic. I cant help but to be cheap. 

    Have you ever been to a beauty supply store and your at check out and you look around to see whats interesting on your Up-next to buy list?

    If so then thats me and you!

    I have happen to come around a Pre-Made Henna Tune with ready Henna in it.

  • I Know, I Know. Not all beauty supply Store have these. Its a bummer. If you cant find these in the beauty suply store, then i suggest you get them offline.

    When you buy these it will be worth it.

    ALWAYS do a test spot first. 
    Research shows that if you dont then you will end up in the hospital with and allergic reaction from the oils in the henna tube.

    MAKE SURE you see the can ingredients first before you put it on your skin. 


  • Pre-Tip On AT-Home Henna
    1. Draw. Why? Always draw on a Pre tattoo just like a proffesional (even though some of us arent) What do i use to draw it? I use a sharpie fine Point Pen to make my lines and drawing look clean and as smooth as possible.

    2. Find you drawing that you want to draw. Why? OK C'mon now sometimes not everybody can draw everything on there own body like a proffessional. How can i correct the sharpie mistakes? Nail polish remover and pointy Q-Tips. Is removes it slightly like water.

    3. Draw. Very Slowly. Reposition. Keep going slow maybey a little more slower. Why? 

  • To not be made fun off at your school or job. 

    4. Find Your Right Position. What?? the henna tub i got is long and its hard for me to squeeze it out from the middle. So i positioned my hand to putting my thumb at the very top and pushing down while im moving my hand in the way my design was. Im Still Confused. Kinda like pipeing icing on a cake. 

    5. DO NOT USE BLACK!! Why? Its causing an allergic reaction to people who dont have allergies. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO USE IT!!!

  • If You Want to learn more about hennas then go here its where i got my info from. 


  • P.s. Heres my handmade example With  pre made henna!!
    P.s. Heres my handmade example With  pre made henna!!


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