Healthy Smoothie Recipe by Healthy Smoothie RecipeHealthy smoothie!! You will need these ingredients...Chop up 3 apples (roughly) of your choice- dosnt have to be ripe. ☺️1 pear dice roughlySlice 1 whole banana Chop quarter of a melon (honey due is good for sweetness) or you can pick your own or how much you want to addAdd a thin slice of lemon for a tangy taste but don't add too much otherwise it ruins the drinkIf your blender is small or even bigger you need to give a gentle whiz of the blender to brake down the fruitsOnce slightly blended add 1-2 cups of water so it's not too thickThen blend until silky smooth eat straight after making it or refrigerate for a better taste. You can add oats to this to make/turn into a breakfast smoothie (colour might look iffy but tasted amazing!!!)Enjoy this tasty easy to make smoothie!! ❤️❤️