Having trouble with kids not listening? Try this.... by Having trouble with kids not listening? Try this....A good job jar! All you need is a clear jar and cotton balls. (I use the colored ones in the craft area at Dollar Tree or Walmart) The idea is to get your kids to do their chores without being told to do so. Each time your child cleans their room, picks up after themselves for meal times, doestheir homework without being asked. They get a cotton ball to put in their jar. They continue to do as they are expected without being told they get a cotton ball. Once they have reached their goal(either you have drawn a line or make them go to the top) They get rewarded! I use to do it by Buying a toy or something. But now it is their choice. It can be lunch with mom/dad, take them to the park, special movie they wanted to see, or even take them out for ice cream. Those are just a few suggestions. I found this idea out of a magazine and it has been working great for me ever since the first day. I have 4 kids ages range from 2-8. It is a better alternative than spanking or yelling. When they have done something wrong, just take a cotton ball away. I hope this will help you as much as it did for me. Good Luck