Harvest Cheese Ball

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  • 4 oz goat cheese, room temperature
    4 oz cream cheese, room temperature
    1 tbs sour cream
    1/4 cup craisins
    1 cup equal parts of pistachios, roasted pumpkins seeds, pecans, and sunflower seeds
    1 tbs of chopped dried apricots

  • In a mixing bowl cream together the goat cheese, cream cheese and sour cream. In a food processor chop craisins. Mix craisins into cheese mixture. Place cheese mixture onto plastic wrap and use the wrap to form into a ball. Secure wrap around the mixture and refrigerate for 2 hours. Pour nut mixture and dried apricots into a food processor and chop. Pour nut mixture into a colander and stir. This will get rid of the small crumbs. Pour remaining mixture into a shallow bowl. Roll cheese ball into the nut mixture and using your hands press nut mixture gently into the ball. Serve with crackers.


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