Handmade Puzzle Piece Ornaments (Holiday Craft) by Handmade Puzzle Piece Ornaments (Holiday Craft)I’m a big fan of easy handmade ornaments to make with the kids. They are always such fun keepsakes to put on the tree throughout the years. Here’s a really cute and frugal idea that you can make with dollar store items. You can change the colors, embellishments, and add glitter if you’d like. For this craft, you’ll need: * medium sized puzzle pieces (Snow flake=6 pieces, Reindeer=5 pieces, Wreath=17 pieces) * white spray paint * glue (tacky craft glue or hot glue) * Snowflakes will need a one inch wide cardboard circle in white* craft embellishments (glitter, sequins, googly eyes, buttons, etc) * small ribbon or string to hang Directions: Spray paint both sides of the puzzle pieces and let dry.Wreath: Glue about 18 pieces into a circular shape. Add embellishments. You can also personalize this and glue a photo to the back. Loop a ribbon and glue to hang. Reindeer: Glue two “antler” pieces to a “head” piece and repeat for the other “antler”. Glue eyes and a nose. Tie ribbon to hangSnowflake: Glue three pieces equally spaced apart to the cardboard circle. Flip it over and glue three more pieces as shown. Loop a piece of thin ribbon and glue to hang.This year, we decorated a tiny tree especially for the kid’s handmade ornaments along with popcorn garland. It’s so cute