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Hair Tips!!

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • Here are some of my hair tips that I use that work great on my hair
    Here are some of my hair tips that I use that work great on my hair
  • Not all hair are the same so keep in mind not all hair tips may work on your type of hair.

    I have straight waist length hair not thin or thick but normal so I guess this would work on most people but not sure about textured hair...

  • Conditioning your scalp

    You may have heard that washing your scalp is bad for your hair but doing so may leave advantages too!

    Ya know how... In order to grow the good flowers you need good soil? Well it is the same with your hair! Without a good scalp how will your roots grow to be healthy?

    Condition evenly your hair but I still condition the tip the most since it is prone to split ends

    Conditioning your scalp will also show less fly aways! So hows that for special hair care?

    Unless you have very oily scalp, there is no need to do this! Guess your conserving your conditioner till winter

  • Wash off conditioner with cold water

    Using warm/hot water can actually be bad for your hair and can make your hair more dry!
    Also, the sudden temperature change can wake you up more making you feel more awake and alert during the day!

    Unless your like me and take night showers... Yeah... Yippee??

    Unless your have a very oily scalp there is no need to do this then! Lucky you!

  • Putting your hair into a turban is a big 

    Putting your hair into a turban is a big

    NO NO!
  • Since your hair is wet, it is also at its weakest!
    So pulling and twisting your hair can lead to breakage
    Instead just wrap a towel around your head and tuck the end underneath the wrap but... Don't twist it.

    Bonus: no fly aways yay!!


    I brush my hair twice a day... When i wake up and before I go to sleep or before i take a shower!

    Brushing before showers can pull away hair that are about to fall out making your drains less clogged with billions of strands of hair... Well yea you get the jiffy?

    Instead, when your hair is wet, use a wide tooth comb or run your fingers through your hair!

    Using a brush will just do the same as the towel turban instead its not twisting! Right?

  • Like these tips??

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