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Hair Mask To Make Hair Grow Faster!

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • You only need THREE ingredients for this mask!
    1 tbs of POWDERED mustard
    3 tbs of olive oil(other oils can sustitute, i prefer olive oil)
    1 egg

  • Take the powdered mustard and add a bit of water, just enough to mix into a thick paste. Its important to use powdered mustard because regular mustard has other ingredients in it, and we want pure mustard paste for this mask. Combine other ingredients into the mustard paste.

  • Now put this mask all over your scalp, i used a dye brush to put mine on. Make sure to utilize sectioning hair to ensure you have applied the mask everywhere. Now you can put a cap, towel or both on. I used a shopping bag and clipped it by the handles.

  • Let this mix sit on for about 20-30 minutes. This mask will most likely tingle, if it hurts wash it out immediately! It should not hurt, to me it feels like an intense menthol tingle.

  • This step is important to avoid greasy hair for a week, put shampoo in your hair BEFORE any water touches it!!!! Oil deflects water, it wont wash out if you wet your hair first. Now wash and style however you normally do and voilla! Its important to remember to only do this mask once a week.

  • This is a very intense mask, and should not, not, NOT be over-used. You may not notice growth with the first use, but after a couple of uses, you will notice a difference in growth.


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