Great Natural Oils For Dry Skin by Great Natural Oils For Dry SkinForget lotions and toners! These natural oils contain all the nutrients your skin needs with no dyes, fragrances, parabens, preservatives, or chemicals. These oils come from raw ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to keep skin healthy and moisturized. AVOCADO OIL If extracted properly, avocado oil should been green in color and have an earthy smell. This oil is amazing on it's own applied to the face and body, but is also a great carrier for dry oils like rosehip or tea tree. Also makes hair soft and silky!ROSEHIP OIL A drier oil, rosehip is perfect for oilier/combination areas. May make dry skin worse if applied too often! Try a sample and use at your discretion. TEA TREE OIL Another dry oil, tea tree makes a great toner or acne spot treatment. May also dry skin. CARROT SEED OIL This potent oil promotes hair growth and is a nourishing moisturizer. NEEM OIL An antiseptic, neem oil is another oil that works best with a carrier. Also great for clearing scalp buildup or as an acne toner. SHEA BUTTER While not an oil, natural shea butter is a luxurious moisturizer for the face and body. Also non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn't clog pores! HEMP SEED OIL Hemp is the most nutritious crop grown in the US. This oil is also non-comedogenic, and makes your face smooth as a baby's.ALOE OIL Everyone knows aloe is a great healing agent, but did you know it's moisturizing as well? Aloe is a great addition to any routine or mixture, and pure oil or gel is great for healing scars. JOJOBA OIL A wax rather than an oil, jojoba is great at clearing scalp buildup as well.HONEY Another non-oil, natural honey is an excellent moisturizer and a perfect addition to any mask to make it thick and creamy. ARGAN OIL An expensive oil, argan is packed with vital nutrients that skin and hair crave. While it's popular addition to hair products, pure oil is most beneficial.RECIPES Scalp Treatment for Hair Growth > castor oil > jojoba oil > carrot seed oil > aloe oil/gel > any thicker ingredients (honey, plain yogurt, etc) to thicken mixture optional Apply to scalp and rub in up to 5 minutes (or until your arms get tired). Then either rinse it out or wrap hair in a plastic bag/shower cap for as long as you want. 30+ minutes recommended. Hair Mask for Silky Smoothness > avocado oil > shea butter > honey > argan oil > wheat germ oil Mix ingredients at your discretion. Just a little avocado/argan goes a long way. Apply to hair root to tip. Rinse.Face Mask for Baby Skin > shea butter > argan oil > hemp seed oil > honey Apply and leave on at your discretion. 30+ min recommended. Longer application = more results. Great to apply at bathtime! Body Moisturizer (great for winter) > shea butter > avocado oil Apply nightly to dry winter skin for healthy results!! Also a great scrub when mixed with brown sugar