Go From A Dark Or Red Color To Blonde by Go From A Dark Or Red Color To BlondeI worked as a beauty advisor for 3 years and a big complaint was how hard it was going from a red or brown to a blonde. (This also works if you are redying hair with the same color but not getting the same results) this will walk you step through step on getting the best color results possible!!Sooo: What you will need: 1. Deep conditioner 2. 2 lemons 3. Comb 4. Hair dye you want to use 5. Spray bottle 6. WaterTips before you start: 1. This works best if you give it a few weeks after a dye job before redying hair. 2. If you are going blonde from a dark color, don't go cheep. Use a born blonde or Sally's or one for dark hair. It will save you money, time and heart ache in the long run.Now how to get the best results: After dying your hair the chemicals say in there for much longer than the color lasts. These mix with the new color for all sorts of problems. So to avoid that : 1. Cut lemons into halves. 2. Place a fork in middle and squeeze all of the juice out.3. Using a spray bottle mix lemon juice with equal parts water and spray hair until fully covered with mixture. 4. Let sit in hair over night 5. Shampoo out in morning. This will strip the chemicals out of your hair. Next you want to condition your hair so it is ready for dye6. Deep condition hair. 7. Mix conditioner with water in spray bottle. You want this to be 3x the water to the conditioner. 8. Apply to damp hair. Let sit on hair all day. 9. You can dye hair next day. 10. Last step is rinsing out dye. Remember cold water if you are doing color and warm if blonde