Get The Look: Hippie by Heather Glancy - Musely
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Get The Look: Hippie

posted in Fashion
  • 1. Hair

    To achieve the perfect hippie hair, wash it, run a bit of product through and mess it up to get the "I just woke up and was too busy doing a Sun Salutation to do my hair" look. Then you can either just leave it (a la Sienna Miller and Kate Moss), or you can tie a paisley or psychedelic patterned scarf around it, braid small sections or put it up in a loose bun. You can really do anything with it, as long as its long and messy.

  • 2. Make Up:

    Most hippies never bother with makeup.If you like to play up your eyes, use a black kohl pencil to line them (use pencil because over the course of the day, it will smudge slightly giving a pretty look by nighttime) and three coats of mascara. (You should always use three coats, one to curl, one to thicken, and then one more for good luck). But if you want to go for a more rocker hippie look use a grey-ish black eyeshadow on your eyelids, a kohl pencil or liquid liner above the top lashes and a few coats of mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

  • 3. Tops

    For on top, try floaty blouses and shirts, a simple 70's style loose white shirt with a fringed vest looks so Sienna Miller but also very Anita Pallenberg. Try to source out some vintage patterned shirts or fabric to make into shirts. Always look in your local markets but go to others on the other side of the city. I've found a black silk Biba shirt, and a rabbit fur and suede bomber jacket, both under $30. Try to mix and match textures of fabrics, suede with silk, crushed velvet with leather and so on. In the Sixties they didn't care if it matched as long as it was 'Out there, man!

  • 4. Bottoms

    flared jeans are a cliche for the Sixties hippie but go there if you must. Try corduroy or velvet for pants. I know that my father had a pair of high waisted purple corduroy pants in 1969, say what you like but I'd wear them today! If you want to go for denim, try faded blue. Go for pants with colours you don't often see, green, purple, red even yellow are all very cool. Embroider jeans with Sixties logos such as the Peace Symbol. If you don't like wearing pants, then long, colourful, flowing peasant or broomstick skirts were also extremely popular.

  • 5. Dresses

    Go for fun dresses, ones that you would feel comfortable in going to a music festival. Everyone in the 1960's was obsessed with music and this was where the music festival was born, there was Monterey Pop, Woodstock, Isle of Wight, and more. Try for crochet and flowered dresses. The length is not strict. Maxi dresses made their first foray into young fashion in the Sixties as did miniskirts, so go with either depending on what you like.

  • 6. Shoes

    Leather sandals were all the rage, as were tooled leather shoes and flat boots for winter. Cowboy boots were popular too. Try and get some vintage ones. Mine are from the Missouri in the 1960's!

  • 7. Accessories:

    lots and lots!! Go for scarves in prints and bold colours, even just a long piece of coloured velvet looks good. Tie plaited leather braids around your wrist and hair. Don't go for too much jewellery or you'll look like a bit of a try-hard rich hippie. If you're going to wear jewellery, make it count. Don't just wear a stack of thin gold bangles on one wrist, go for an embellished colourful jewelled one that people will ask questions about it. Don't forget the Love Beads or Peace Symbol jewellery either. Both were tres chic for the ultimate Sixties Hippie!

  • Now you're as chill as a hip hippie! Don't forget to like and follow. For ore great tips you know where to find me. Peace out duckies!


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