Get The Look: Boho-Chic By Heather Glancy by Heather Glancy - Musely
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Get The Look: Boho-Chic By Heather Glancy

posted in Fashion
  • Boho-chic is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, which, at its height in early 2005,
    Here are 8 easy steps with pictures to transform you into an original boho girl!

  • Clothes:

    Boho is all about looking individual and natural. Earthy tones are best, with splashes of colors like orange, green, and magenta. Skirts and flowy shirts are good, but you don't have to wear baggy clothes to be Boho.

  • Shoes:

    Shoes can vary depending on your preference. Sandals would be the obvious choice, but boots with legwarmers are also very chic. Have fun with it, and make it cute.

  • Hair:

    If you insist upon flat ironing your hair, give it a little curve at the bottom instead of board straight in an emo or scene style. The idea is to make it appear natural. Naturally curly hair is good, or even a wavy texture will look great. Braids and afros are also very Boho.

  • Accessories:

    This is probably the most important part of all. Boho chic is synonymous with "accessories galore". This means plenty of bracelets, ankle bracelets, mix-and-match necklaces, and dangling earrings. It doesn't stop with jewelry,though. There's headbands, clips, and barrettes for your hair, and belts for your waist. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure they're a noticeable part of your wardrobe.

  • Face:

    Unless you have perfect skin (lucky you), put some concealer on breakouts, and maybe foundation on your whole face. Powder foundation is good if you have the right shade, as it evens out skin and removes shine. A helpful hint is to apply powder with a brush instead of the applicator that comes with it for a much less cakey appearance.

  • Cheeks:

    Once your face looks clear, put on some light blush for a youthful radiance. Instead of trying to contour, simply smile and apply blush from the apple of your cheeks in the direction of the outer part of your eye. A little bit along the bride of your nose also adds a sun-kissed look. If you're naturally tan or have darker skin, you can do the same thing with bronzer.

  • Eyes:

    Neutral eyeshadow is best, as it also makes you look healthy while not looking fake. Eyeliner is good, if you are able to apply it without drawing a thick crayon-like line. If you don't want the harsh look of black eyeliner, wear dark brown instead, for a still intense but softer look. Black mascara usually works best regardless of hair color. Pick your favorite kind, whether it's separating, lengthening, or volumizing. It really makes your eyes pop if you curl your eyelashes first. A tip to prevent or get rid of clumping is to gently move the mascara want back and forth as you apply it

  • Lips:

    Lip balm is your friend. You want to look radiant, not have chapped, dry, flaky lips. After lip balm, wear a color that looks natural on you. If you wore eyeliner, don't wear a dark lipstick, or else it will look like you're wearing way too much makeup. Find something that isn't noticeable too light or too dark, but simply makes your lips noticeable. Covergirl lip stain is a good natural look, but use whatever you want that isn't glittery.

  • Now you are an original boho goddess! Don't forget to like and follow for more outrageous tips. Peace out Duckies!


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