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Get Rid Of Facial Hair !!!!

posted in Skin & Body
  • Want to get rid of facial hair? Have a look at this which is helping me so far!

  • You will need:-
    LEMONS. (not necessary but better to use)
    Lemons help as an natural bleaching agent to bleach the hairs naturally onto your face into a lighter shade then they are.
    HONEY (any kind of honey is fine!)
    SUGAR (you can use brown or white sugar but just not powdered sugar).

  • (If you are using lemons)
    Cut the lemon in half and squirt the lemon juice into a bowl.
    Make sure all the juice is out and into the bowl you can always re use the juice but only if it is still in the lemon and has not been released.
    Then apply 2/3 tbsp's of sugar into the same bowl as the lemon.
    After the sugar put 2/3 tbsp's of honey into the same bowl.
    As this is done you may heat it up if you wish but only for at least 10/15 seconds ( not too long as the honey will dry up)
    after this is done wait till it is warm but not too warm as you can burn your skin.


    Only keep on for at least 15/20minutes.

    This is recommended for facial hair not body I don't know if this works for body hair but it worked for facial hair for me.

    Don't put all over your face this is not recommended for cheek hair but sideburns and upper lip and forehead this is perfect for.

    Lemon juice can also be using separately to lighten body hair to.

    I don't know if this works for everyone out there but I do know it worked for me ( I have brown skin and black hair if that helps).

    I don't really have bad facial hair it wasn't really coarse but i didn't like it.

  • Don't feel pressured to remove facial hair! Every women is born with hair from head to toe!

    I only got rid of my upper lip hair as I didn't like it PERSONALLY not for anyone else.

    It's up to you guys if you don't like the method I recommend threading your upper lip if that is the case. I used this method it helped but now I prefer threading myself! But these are both good methods I hope this helped!!!!


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