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Get Rid Of Acne Tips!

posted in Skin & Body
  • It's a lot to read but take the time out if your day. It'll change your life!

  • I myself have had acne and after I realized what was wrong it was gone in a week!

    I started by doing remedies such as lemon juice, which helped somewhat.
    I used mouth wash which helped a lot, as it dries it out causing it to shrink and reduces redness (from the alcohol)
    The rubbing alcohol remedy will act the same if not better.
    I did the honey lemon scrub which didn't do much.

    I've done plenty of others which have helped but not cured or prevented, just made what was already there smaller.

  • The real trick is to STOP USING YOUR FOUNDATION!!! I discovered I was reacting to mine, I sucked it up and walked into my school with nothing but a dab of concealer to hide the redness on my acne spots on. I stopped picking at my face or even touching it for the oils in the skin can clog up your pores and just make it worse.
    Also if you use liquid foundation you may need powder instead because it could be making your skin oily without you even noticing.
    I started this on a Monday and by Sunday I went from a full forehead of red marks and pimples and scabs to a CLEAR FACE.

  • Monday came an I walked into the school with NO make up but eyeliner and mascara on and my skin was glowing!!
    I felt so confident to finally have it gone, I've started to wear a bit of powder for I have freckles and fair skin so until I tan I like to make my skin seem a little darker. It's only been about a week since and I'm a different person because of it.

    So be confident and SHOW YOUR ACNE! It pays off and you'll leave everyone speechless with the results. And remember don't touch your face unless absolutely necessary!


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