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Get Long Healthy Hair In 4 Steps

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • Step 1 ~~~ scroll down~~~

    • don't wash your hair every day as it will get rid of all the natural conditioners your body makes to make hair grow. Wash it about every 3 times a week, you can still shower everyday but just not wash your hair.

    • don't towel dry your hair as it breaks the hair and damages it.

    • massage your scalp as this relaxes the roots of the hair and makes it grow healthy and thick.

    • don't brush your hair when it's wet, it will break the hair and stretch the strands which will make the hair more fragile.

    • avoid curling and straightening tools as they burn the hair.

  • Step 2 ~~~ scroll down ~~~

    • eat lots of protein as it is the foundation of hair and will make it grow faster and stronger. You can find it in egg, meat, fish, beans, soya, lentils and milk.

    Step 3

    • drink lots of water about 8 glasses a day, this keeps you and your hair hydrated. If your hair is dehydrated it will look dry and scraggly and will grow slower.

  • Step 4. ~~~ scroll down ~~~

    • get your hair trimmed to get rid of the split ends. Split ends make your hair grow slower and make it tangly.

    So the steps are

    • don't wash your hair everyday, keep it away from curling and straightening tools, don't towel dry or brush when it's wet and massage your scalp.

    • eat protein!!

    • drink water!!

    • get your hair trimmed at leased every 4th-5th month

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    Don't forget to 👍 and comment!!!


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