Get A Bigger Bum 🍑 .

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  • Okay so guys, I've been living in this generation where big bums are "cool". The only thing most people judge on today is your bum, if your bum isnt nice, they instantly dont like you. As most people say "white people have no bum." Considering I'm white, this really upsets me, they dont understand how insecure I already am &what to bring my self essteem lower than it already is. I can not stand it, why couldnt i just be born naturally with a big bum? I cant stand it, getting judged on everything ido &say &it really brings down my self esteem😔. One day I'll actually seriously brake down😫😣...

  • Please guys help me get a bigger &rounder bum, for every like that everyone gives me, I'll do 5 squats &I'm not even lying. You guys encourage me into not being lazy❤️. Please guys help motivate me! Thank you so much &once again, love you all 💘 .


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