Four Little Steps To School by Emily Datson - Musely
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Four Little Steps To School

posted in Family & Kids > Education
  • step one. {Getting Supplies}

    a)) Backpack ~~ get one with proper straps and don't adjust them so that the bag droops down below your lower back as over time this will really mess up your back. Trust Me
    b)) Essentials ~~ pens ( 4xblue, 2xred, 1xblack, and if you can't concentrate on page after page of blue pen use a variety of different coloured pens, highlighters, eraser, sharpener, pencils, coloured pencils.
    c)) Girls Kit ~~
    - Hand Sanitiser
    - Hand Cream
    - Bandaids
    - Panadol
    - Mints/Gum
    - Girly Supplies

  • step two. { Note Taking }

    a)) Use different colours to indicate different things ~~ I use a red pen for titles, purple pen for important key words, and use different highlighters accordingly and it really does help me study
    b)) Instead of using book after book for my note taking I use a large file and keep buying paper to refill it with. I do it near the first time so that I don't have to redo it.
    c)) When it comes to tests I use photo albums as flash card holders so when I'm studying I can easily flick to it.

  • step three. { At Home Study }

    a)) Take Away Distractions - phone, laptop, magazines or anything else that could be a possible distraction. But if you are like me and like background music then have your music on a certain playlist so that you don't have to keep looking at your phone to change the music.
    b)) Do It In Intervals - what I mean by this is don't study straight for 3 hours after school, do it in 45 minute intervals and give yourself a short 15 minute break inbetween.
    c)) Space - meaning that your space that you study should be clear.

  • step four. { Tests }

    a)) Don't Cram!!!
    b)) Only study what you need to
    c)) Read through the questions before answering because sometimes if teachers are nice ( like mine ) they'll put in a multi choice that helps you answer a full sentence answer or if you're really lucky some questions could be the same but just worded differently

  • { Hope this helped somebody out with school. It can be really simple and easy to get through if you focus on what's important. Don't forget to hit the ❤️ button and comment below what you would like to see. }

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