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Face Tips

posted in Beauty
  • I am not promoting any particular products I'm just using random product pictures.

  • 1.Skincare prep➡️
    1.Skincare prep➡️
  • Before applying any makeup, it’s best to start with clean and moisturized skin. Wash your face with a cleanser that is right for your skin type. You’ll want to use a cleansing product gentle enough for your skin and that clears away any dirt that might clog your pores. Finish your skincare regimen with a light moisturizer to hydrate and prep your face for makeup application.

  • 2. Foundation and concealer ➡️
    2. Foundation and concealer ➡️
  • Here’s the key: Less is more. Foundation isn’t for everyone because sometimes it can feel and look heavy. If you do want to use it, be sure to always match your skin tone. If you want a lighter coverage, try a tinted moisturizer.
    Concealer is going to be your go-to beauty item for any unexpected zits that may pop up overnight (or during the day). Pick a color that works for your skin and lightly dab and blend it over a red spot. Let it dry and then set it with a cotton swab dipped in loose powder. It won’t make your zit disappear, but it will definitely be less noticeable.

  • 3. Blush ➡️
    3. Blush ➡️
  • When using blush on your cheeks, go for a natural look. Try using a lightly colored bronzer for a sun-kissed touch or a light pink rosy color to accentuate your natural glow. Lightly brush blush over the "apples" of your cheeks (to find your "apples," just smile) and finish with lighter coverage on the bridge of your nose and your forehead.

  • 4. I shadow n eyeliner➡️
    4. I shadow n eyeliner➡️
  • Eyeshadow can be a great way to bring out your eye color. Select a natural shade with a bit of shimmer for an everyday look. Brown and hazel eyes look best in warmer colors like copper and gold. Brown and green eyes really stand out with gray- and plum-colored shadows. You can also use eyeliner to accentuate your eyes, but the less-is-more rule also applies here. Use light gray and brown eyeliners to start off.

  • 5. Mascara ➡️
    5. Mascara ➡️
  • A little mascara to darken your lashes is a great way to call attention to your eyes. Have pretty blue eyes? Frame them with a dark brown mascara. Dark eyes? Opt for a slightly darker mascara shade. To make your lashes look lifted, use an eyelash curler at the root of your upper lashes and hold it for five seconds. Then wiggle your mascara wand in an upward motion through the lashes.

  • 6. Lipgloss ➡️
    6. Lipgloss ➡️
  • For a fresh look on your lip, apply some lipgloss. It’s light and looks natural while also adding a shimmery glow. You can even use a lightly colored lip stain for a look that needs no re-applying. Pick a neutral pink or tan color. Apply the stain to your lips and wait for it to dry. You can finish the look with a clear lipgloss.


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