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posted in Relationships > Intimacy
  • BDSM: He would love to tie you down and do nasty things to you. But why don’t you do it to him instead? Tie him down and give him a night to remember. But remember some don’t have the threshold for a pain. So make sure you know the limits before you get down and dirty with BDSM.

  • Heads up: Go down on him when he is sleeping and take him by surprise. Do it to him in the morning when your man usually has an erection. Wake him up by taking his manhood in your mouth and licking him at those sensitive spots. He is going to have the best morning of his life.

  • S-t-r-i-p: Giving your man a strip tease is fine. But slow it down and it will increase his anticipation. Just lose one piece of your clothing at a time - while working, the other while watching TV... by the time you are having dinner you'll be in just your underwear! He will love this slow foreplay and the aftermath will be explosive.

  • Challenge: Men are competitive beings and love a challenge. Tell him you are better than him and he surely won’t settle down until he has won. Challenge him to make you climax with every trick he has up his sleeve and you do the same to him. It’s a win win with a ‘happy ending’.

  • Manhandle him: Men are not delicate objects and trust us, they love to be manhandled. Take charge and manhandle him in the bed. Be ruthless and boss him around. Your man will just love the fact that there is something new in store for him. ;-)

  • Boob job: No, we are not asking you to get silicone implants. When you can give him a hand job and blow job, then why not a boob job? Hold his manhood between your breasts and use your hands to hold it tight. Touch his tip with your nipples and see him go crazy. It's the visual that will be a bigger turn-on for the him than what he can feel.

  • Fighting: Sometimes a mock fight can be really hot. Try to pick a naughty fight with your man and then vent your anger out on him with make up sex. Make up sex is always hot and the best way to have a night to remember.

  • Pantyless: Go out with your man sans your panties and let him have a peek-a-boo as you bend down to retrieve something. Let him see what he can have later (for dessert if you will). Take his hands under the table and let them wander near your sensitive spots.

  • Porn: Surprise your man by playing a porn video all of a sudden. When he least expects it, play the video and start to strip. What will follow will be explosive love-making along with lots of love.

  • Ice ice baby: Keep an ice cube inside your mouth and cool your tongue. After your tongue is ice cold, start licking him and end by giving him a blow job. You can also go down on him with a cold mouth and see him go crazy!

  • hope you found this helpful! pls don't forget to: 👍;especially if you 💾! 😁 👉follow 👌share by liking/saving/following/sharing I know that the tips I'm posting are helpful & I should keep posting the same type of tips! thanks, ladies&gents! ❌⭕️❌⭕️chloe


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