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posted in Beauty > Hair
  • Diamond

    Your cheekbones are your most prominent feature. Your forehead and jawline are on the narrow side and are approximately the same width. Show off your striking bone structure with hairstyles that add width to the chin area such as classic bobs or shoulder length layered styles. When parting your hair, opt for a side-part as it will soften your face. Most ponytails and up do’s will suit a diamond face shape.

    Avoid: Short fringes and shorter hairstyles that add height on top of your head. Some celebrities who share this face shape include Ashley Greene, Audrey Tautou and Madonna.

  • Heart

    Your forehead and cheekbones are wider than your jawline giving your chin a pointy appearance. Create the illusion of balance between the top and bottom of your face by introducing curls and waves around the cheekbone area. You can have a fringe, however, it is best worn long and side-swept. A shoulder length style is suitable and can be extra flattering if layered slightly.

    Avoid: Heavy fringes and sleek jaw-length bobs as they will make your chin appear narrower. Some celebrities who share this face shape include Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson.

  • Oblong

    Your face is longer than it is wide and your chin is slightly pointy. Shorten the appearance of your face with a mid-length or long cut that introduces layers at eye level. A long, side-swept fringe also creates the illusion of a wider face. The key to any hairstyle for an oblong face shape is to create width with curls, deep partings and layers.

    Avoid: Blunt bobs, top knot buns and long straight hair in a middle parting as these will make your face appear longer. Some celebrities who share this face shape are Alexa Chung, Joan Small and Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Oval

    This is the most common face shape and is often placed on a pedestal as the “perfect” face shape. The length of your face is roughly equal to one and a half times its width. With such great proportions most hairstyles will suit you – short, long, layered, curled, with or without a fringe – anything goes. In order to get the most out of your hairstyle, consider your best features and style your hair to accentuate these areas.

    Some celebrities who share this face shape include Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes.

  • Round

    Your cheekbones are your most prominent feature and the length and width of your face are roughly the same. Choose hairstyles that soften your face such as feathered / layered styles as well as soft waves that fall onto the face. Up do’s are best worn with loose tendrils of hair that fall around the hairline. When selecting a parting, opt for a deep side-parting to create the illusion of a less rounded face. Short pixie cuts are flattering as they create additional volume and elongate the appearance of the face.

    Avoid: Blunt bobs that accentuate roundness and sleek styles.

  • Square

    Your jawline and forehead are the same width and your jaw is the most prominent feature on your face. Soften a strong jaw line with medium to long hairstyles (straight, curly and wavy). Adding layers / feathering will also assist in drawing attention away from your jaw line as it will create width to your face.

    Avoid: Blunt cuts that stop at the widest part of your face as well as long straight fringes. These will accentuate your jaw and create a “boxy” appearance. Some celebrities who share this face shape are Diane Kruger, Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie.

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