Eyebrow Growth - How I Did It Fast by Kristen Crane - Musely
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Eyebrow Growth - How I Did It Fast

posted in Beauty
  • Step 1. Wash your brows with Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo - scalp build-up control. This step is important because this shampoo gets rid of the nasty gunk and buildup from dirt and oils that most cleansers cannot reach. Use a tooth brush with soft to medium bristles and gently brush the shampoo onto brows. Of course, use water to get a lather going.

  • Step 2. Mix cayenne pepper with olive oil or coconut oil until it's slightly thick and pasty. Rub on eyebrows with your finger or a qtip. Leave this on for about 15 - 20 minutes. Be warned that you might feel a lot of heat on your brows and the brow area may become red. Don't worry this will go away after a bit. Don't do this if you plan on going anywhere in the next hour after you plan on doing this. You might get a few strange looks.

  • Step 3. After you have rinsed the shampoo off your brows with warm water you will need to gently rub cold pressed castor oil or Vaseline on your brows. Leave that on your brows over night. You can wrap plastic wrap around your forehead so that it rests on your brows for better results.

  • Step 4. Take a biotin pill before you go to bed.

  • Step 5. When you wake up, rinse your brows with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Then use a qtip to add either women's rogaine, latisse or careprost to your brows and allow to dry. Careprost is the generic version of Latisse.

  • Step 6. Rub a tiny amount of vitamin E oil on the brows after your brows have dried. Don't use too much because you don't want shiny eyebrows.

  • Step 7. Take a biotin pill in the morning before or after you do your brow routine.

  • Step 8. Sometime during the day gently massage your brow hair with a toothbrush.

  • Rinse and repeat daily. I have tried all kinds of things to grow my eyebrow hair. This routine is what worked the best (hands down) for me. And while I did not remember to do each step every day, it still worked great the 85% of the time that I did remember. I still have a few areas that have not completely grown, but it takes time.

  • Just an extra little note I want to throw in...I tried women's rogaine and careprost (generic latisse). I had way better results with the careprost. And a thing to note about the rogaine is that it seemed to give me wrinkles!!! Not cool.

    Anyways, the rogaine did work, but the careprost worked better...for me, anyways.

  • If you found this info helpful, please like, share, comment then save!! 💖 I'd love to hear from anyone else who has tried this with success. Or even if you tried something similar...tell me about it. ☺️


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