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Every House Or Apartment Renter NEEDS To Try These Life Hacks

posted in Home & Garden
  • DIY Can Be Cute And Convenient

    DIY home improvement doesn't have to be boring or expensive. Just take a look at this colorful LEGO key holder. It's a fun, economical way to get your place more organized.
  • Keep Your Cords Organized

    Keep Your Cords Organized

  • Stop tossing those old toilet paper rolls! They work great as a simple, low-cost way to keep all those miscellaneous cords from getting all tangled up.

  • Free Up A Cupboard Shelf

    Free Up A Cupboard Shelf

  • Mugs can take up a lot of cabinet space, so if you could use some extra room for other dinnerware, invest in some cup hooks. They also add a decorative touch to a kitchen's appearance.

  • For Those Caught Without A Sprinkler

    For Those Caught Without A Sprinkler

  • If you've ever watched your lawn dry up in the summer months, you know how important a sprinkler is. Improvise a sprinkler head by poking some holes in a plastic bottle. Your yard will be back to normal in no time.

  • Never Lose Another Remote

    Never Lose Another Remote

  • You won't be turning over couch cushions after implementing this tip. Just use some adhesive Velcro strips to give your remotes a permanent home.

  • Create Extra Closet Space

    Create Extra Closet Space

  • If you've been cursed with a tiny closet, make some room by sliding a soda can tab over your hanger hook. Voila! You have another spot to hang a garment.

  • Fill In Old Nail Holes

    Fill In Old Nail Holes

  • Crayons aren't just for kids anymore. Besides coloring, you can also use 'em to fill eyesore nail holes. 

  • No More Slamming Doors

    No More Slamming Doors

  • There's nothing more unpleasant than the sound of a door slamming shut. With a humble rubber band, you'll never have to hear that noise again.

  • An Unexpected Use For Spaghetti Noodles

    An Unexpected Use For Spaghetti Noodles

  • Once a candle burns halfway down the jar, it's nearly impossible to light the wick without scorching your hand. Protect yourself by utilizing a spaghetti noodle instead of a puny match.

  • Disguise Unsightly Bundles Of Cords

    Disguise Unsightly Bundles Of Cords

  • If you're puzzling over what to do with that pile of cords underneath your desk, here's the answer. Conceal cords and power strips by cutting a hole in a decorative box and feeding the cords through.

  • Stop Fussing With The Trash Bag

    Stop Fussing With The Trash Bag

  • For trash bags that refuse to stay put, just use upside down adhesive hooks to keep them securely in place. No longer will you find yourself wrestling with that ill-fitting plastic bag.

  • On A Roll

    On A Roll

  • Another ingenious use for toilet paper rolls. Don't let your wrapping paper unravel and wrinkle! Cut toilet paper rolls lengthwise and fit them around your opened rolls of wrapping paper.

  • Use Your iPad Hands-Free

    Use Your iPad Hands-Free

  • With this hack, you can easily stream videos while washing dishes! Just cop some adhesive hooks and arrange them on the wall according to your iPad's dimensions.

  • Label Cords In A Snap

    Label Cords In A Snap

  • Figuring out which cord is which can be frustrating. End the confusion once and for all by labeling each one with a bread clip.

  • Thanks for looking! This is not my article. Please follow the link provided below and view the original article along with many other great ideas! 


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