Emergency Bag For Girls! (Must haves 😉) by Alicia 💕💎 - Musely
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Emergency Bag For Girls! (Must haves 😉)

posted in Various
  • 1. Chapstick👄
    This is a must have because you always want to keep those lips moisturizer and soft.

  • 2. Hand Sanitizer👍
    This is a must to not get sick and prevent germs 😷

  • 3. Lotion (Travel Size) 🙌
    Lotion keeps your hand moisturized after you put on the hand sanitizer 👐

  • 4. Pads and others 😂
    This may seem funny, but I swear it will help. Even if you haven't started it, maybe your friend needs one. And you never know when it will happen.

  • 5. Hair ties 💆
    I always feel like I need to have my hair up on the days that I forgot a hair tie. Ugh.

  • 6. Bobby pinssssss 👤
    You will need a bobby pin if a piece of hair is out of place or in your face. (That rhymes lol)

  • 7. Little brushhh. 💇
    Just in case you redo that hair. :))

  • 8. A pen ✒️
    Just in case you have to sign something or just want to draw.

  • 9. Snacksssss🍪🍩😍
    Always keep a snack, just in case you're dieing for food.

  • 10. Headphones🎧
    You never know when you want to listen to music.

  • 11. Band aids✂️
    For when you've got a ouchie. 😭

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