Easy Home Remedy For Blackheads (Sensitive Skin) HD Before/ After Picture by Easy Home Remedy For Blackheads (Sensitive Skin) HD Before/ After PictureHi, I have REALLY sensitive skin, so I can't use store-bought blackhead washes or removers. They typically use salicylic acid and it dries out my skin ALOT and causes even more blackheads. I've had an issue with them since I started puberty, which was six years ago! Only recently did I begin looking for natural remedies, and my skin looks a lot better! Here is my favorite natural remedy that won't break your bank or your skin!This HD picture shows my skin before (left) and after (right) this treatment! This is an amazing way to rid your face of blackheads.Don't laugh. Yes, potatoes can help your blackhead problem. I swear by this and it is my favorite remedy because it is so gentle on my skin. The reason this works is because the starch in the potatoes draws out trapped oil in the skin, this oil being blackheads. Warning: this will be very messy, and please put on clothes that won't be stained, because raw potatoes stain clothes black. What you'll need: -potato -grater -peeler -washcloth -dark clothesWhat you need to do: 1. Peel a single potato and use a grater to grate it. Throw the peel out, all you will need is the white pulp of the potato. 2. Put the gratings into a bowl. 3. Standing over a sink and looking into a mirror, take a handful of your grated potato, squeeze it to dry it a little, and place it on a problem area. 4. It's going to want to fall off, so take your washcloth an press it on top of the potato to dry it out a little more. This will ensure that it stays on your face. 5. Repeat this until all problem areas are covered. 6. Leave on for 30-60 minutes.This is what mine looks like, as my blackheads are focused on my cheeks and nose.When it's time to take it off, this is what it will look like! Gross, right?? Throw the mask away and use a gentle exfoliator on your face to rid your skin of blackheads.Your skin should now look fabulous and feel as soft as a baby's bum!