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Easy DIY Summer Treats

posted in Food & Drink > Recipes
  • Frozen Yoghurt

    •Yoghurt (as much as you want and whatever flavour you like)

    1) Place yoghurt of your choosing into the mould or the tray making sure it is filled all the way.
    2) Place them into the Freazer for 1-2 hours or until the yoghurt is completely frozen.
    3) Once it is fully frozen run the mould or tray under hot water to loosen the Popsicles so they are easier to get out.

  • Icy Pole

    •Cool drink of your choice

    1) Fill your icy pole mould with your cool drink and put the stick that came with your mould into the cool drink
    2) Place it into the freezer for an hour or until it is fully frozen.
    3) When they are frozen run the mould under hot water to make it easier to remove the icy pole.

  • Fruit Smoothie

    •8 Strawberries (without the leaf) OR instead of strawberries you can use a different fruit with an equal amount as them.
    •1/2 cup Milk OR 1/2 cup plain Yoghurt
    •3tblsp sugar
    •2tsp vanilla extract
    •6 ice cubes

    1) Cut your fruit of choice into little bits.
    2) Blend the fruit and all the other ingredients together.

  • Chocolate Coated Strawberries

    •18 Strawberries
    •2 cups white baking chips
    •1tblsp shortening

    1) Cover cookie sheet with waxed paper.
    2) Heat white baking chips with 1tblsp shortening in 2quart saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until chips are melted.
    3) Put a fork or tooth pick into each strawberry and dip them all into the melted mixture then place them onto the waxed paper covered cookie sheet
    4) Place into the refrigerator for about 30minutes or until coating is set.

  • Fruit Salad

    •Whatever and however much fruit as you want

    1) Cut up all of the fruit and place it all into a bowl and serve.

    **You can also melt some chocolate cooking chips as a dip for the fruit.


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