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Does He Like You?

posted in Relationships
  • 16.) funny selfies
    17.) makes funny faces to get you to laugh
    18.) tells you jokes
    19.) plays with your hair
    20.) treats you differently than he does other girls
    21.) buys you (small/simple) things
    22.) laughs at your jokes
    23.) states at you then looks away if you catch him (or he may hold eye contact, it just depends on his personality)
    24.) enjoys watching you learn new things
    25.) asks you questions to try to get to know you
    26.) glances at your lips when you guys talk
    27.) stands close to you
    28.) loves when you smile
    29.) enjoys your stories
    30.) remembers the little things

  • These are signs that he does like you back: 1.) he teases you 2.) he compliments you 3.) he is 100% comfortable with you 4.) he asks if you want to hang out 5.) he tries to make you laugh 6.) he sings to you 7.) wants to know about your family 8.) talks about you to his friends 8.) wants to hear about your day 9.) helps you learn something new /offers you help 10.) acts nervous around you (clumsy/stuttering ect..) 11.) always "accidentally" touches you 12.) tries to be around you 13.) does silly things to make you laugh 14.) calls you 15.) asks for your number


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