DiY Cute Container (Ex-to Hold Nail Tools And Filer+cotton Balls)

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  • First- You get the plastic container
    Second-You try to peel off all the stickers on it
    Third-Put it under water it will be easier to peel and then wash it
    Fourth- Pick out your color paint and get your brush
    Fifth-Either Squirt the paint on the container and spread it around it or put in Dixie cup and dip in and start painting (Make sure towel is under)
    Sixth-Once done painting Get blow drier and blow dry it all around till dry.
    Seventh-Once all dry put it where you want and put whatever you want in it! 😊

    (I put nail design tools and stripers next to my nail polish)

    😄Hope you liked! 😝

  • Tools you need •Paint Brush •Paint •Foam stickers plastic holder (Which you probably have at home if you have siblings) •Stuff to put in Container once done •Towel •sink Optional-Dixie Cup •Blow drier


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