DIY Tumblr Teen Crafts by DIY Tumblr Teen CraftsStep 1) roll the jean shorts and roll them to the height that you want them. (Make sure each pant leg is equal to each other) Step 2) hot glue/sew what you trolled on the bottom of the Jean shorts Step 3) hot glue the white lace on the bottom all the way around and that's it! So easy ☺️💕Theater box 📺💞 Step 1) grab a pretty box or take a box with a lid and decorate it. Step 2) start by inserting DVD's into the box. Suggestions: Hunger games 🔥 Divergent ✨ Mean girls 💁🏼 Back to the future 🚙 Step 3) You can't have a good movie night without some snacks right? Put a few types of candy in your theater box! Suggestions: Reese's😋 Hershey's😋 Sour patch kids😋 Gummy worms/gummy bears😋 Popcorn😋 Step 4) least but definitely not least, put one or two cans of delicious canned pop in your box Suggestions: Pepsi Coke Mountain Dew Faygo Sprite And that's it ❤️My last tip is the makeup brush jar! This is such an adorable way to organize your make up brushes. Step 1) decorate your jar! Wether it's spray painting it, wrapping a cute ribbon or hot glueing little diamonds on it. Whatever you'd like 💖 Step 2) place anything in the jar that would hold it. Example: Little rocks Cotton Clay Step 3) now you can finally fill the jar with your makeup brushes and now you're done. Place it anywhere in your room, bathroom just anywhere! These are my tips. Hope you enjoyed them ☺️❤️