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DIY String Heart

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  • I bought a birch wood square at AC Moore. Which allowed me to smoothly leave indents for the nails and hammer them in quickly.

  • I printed out the outline of the design I wanted, drew lines about 1 inch apart where I wanted my nails to be and I lightly traced the heart on the wood. Everywhere you draw a line make sure to  indent the wood with a sharp pencil clear enough so you know where to hammer the nails after you paint and glaze(opitional) it.

  • Along with the wood for my base I purchased black spray paint. I evenly sprayed the wood waited for it to dry and sprayed it a second time. 

  • I let the spray paint dry over night before I painted the glaze that I bought from Home Depot on to the wood and I used two coats. I allowed the glaze to completly dry over night.

  • I bought a supply of nails with the glaze and paint brush at Home Depot. 

  • Using the measurements on my design and the pretty noticeable nail holes I was able to easily insert the nails. I hammered the nails in and left them out about and inch when the nails are an inck and a half.

  • At last the three day process mostly filled with waiting ended when I double knoted my string color of choice that I bought at AC Moore on the nail at one point of the heart. It doesn't really matter where you start you just want to tie it tight enough so u will be able to cut off most of the excess string. I wrapped it around every nail trying to make it look sort of messy but also even. Once I had string connected to each nail I wrapped the string around the whole heart 3 times. To make the string stay on each time I wrapped it once around both points . Then I doubled knoted it to a nail.

  • The main string art heart I used for the example was spray painted black and then I glazed it. I also made two more slightly different ones that I gave away as great holiday gifts. 

  • The one on the left I only glazed and the one on the right I only spray painted it black.

  • You will need:
    Wood~Preferably birch-easy to put nails in
    Printer-Paper/Computer~for design
    Pencil Ruler Paper~Nail marks, outline and creating your own design
    String~any color to wrap in and around design
    Nails~enough for all holes and color 
    Hammer~For nails
    Spray paint~any color you can use just paint
    Glaze-optional makes the wood shine 
    Paint brush(2)~if you decide to use the glaze and/or use actual paint
    Gloves~to keep hands clean when applying the spray paint/paint and/or glaze
    •trash bag~optional if you don't want to get glaze and/or paint on your grass or house while drying or applying


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