DIY Glittery Belt! Get your Bling On! by DIY Glittery Belt! Get your Bling On! Make this amazing gold-glittery accent belt! Pls tap for full view.Supplies: Paint brushes, glitter (any color or any size), and Mod Podge. Pls tap for full view.You will also need a belt. Maybe go local or you can also re-vamp an old belt. Pls tap for full view.This was chosen bc of the gold clasp. You should choose the clasp color depending on what color glitter you pick out.Next take a pan and cover it in aluminum foil to avoid getting glitter everywhere. Pls tap for full view.Then, put some Mod Podge into a container. You can cut the top off a coke bottle for an easy clean up. Then mix in some glitter. Pls tap for full view. Then apply to the belt. You don’t need to to put it on the inside, just the outside. Next, sprinkle the glitter all around the belt. Pls tap for full view. After the glitter dried I hung up the belt to let any extra glitter fall off. Apply one more coat of just Mod Podge to seal in the rest of the glitter. Then you’re finished! It makes any old outfit look fabulous! Make sure to pair it up with some glittery gold heels to match and you’re ready for a night out on the town! Don't forget to like and do check out my other tips as well. Thanks! Love!