DIY: Easy No Sew Pretty Clutch! by DIY: Easy No Sew Pretty Clutch! So adorable! Learn how to make the easiest no-sew clutch including step by step pictures. Pls tap each pic for full view. You'll need : - Craft glue (I recommend Aleene’s 8 oz. Original Tacky Glue) - Thrifted leather belt - Dollar store place mat - Scissors - Clothespins - Cropodile Please tap for full view.Steps: 1. Find a belt and a place mat that go well together. 2. Fold the place mat while leaving about 4 inch on top to fold over the opening of your clutch. Glue the sides and use clothespins to keep material in place while it’s drying. Remove the clothespins when the glue is dry. Please tap for full view.3. Fold the belt around the clutch and decide on the length of the belt. Cut off the leather. Now decide where the holes should go. I made two holes. One for an almost empty bag and one for when it’s a little bit more filled. 4. Use your Cropodile to punch to holes in the leather belt. Please tap for full view.5. Glue down the belt on your bag. You only need to glue down the part of the belt that’s on the back of your clutch. Use something heavy to press the glued surfaces down. 6. Close your belt and your beautiful and easy no-sew clutch is ready! It’s easy, cheap and pretty! It even gives you the chance to upcycle some stuff. I hope you enjoy making and wearing this clutch! Thanks for viewing my tip. Please like and check out my other tips as well. Love!