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DIY Detox Baths with Extraordinary Benefits

posted in Health & Fitness
  • French Lavender Soap - Natural & Handmade
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    This listing is for one full size soap bar approx 4.6 oz.

    Lavender is a healing herb that has been used for centuries to make soaps. Lavender can relieve anxiety, create feeling of well-being and stress relief. This wonderful soap can promote a sense of relaxation. It can be beneficial to use lavender soaps before bedtime to promote a deep sleep.

    Our soaps are more than "JUST SOAP", because the ingredients we use are premium quality ingredients, so it turns the already moisturizing soap bars into specialty soaps designed to do more for your body than just clean. All of our soaps are carefully handmade with high-quality, luxurious oils, essential oils & herbs. This soap will produce an amazing lather and your skin will feel clean and pampered - not stripped and dry, without using too much. Our handmade soaps are crafted using the traditional hot process method with at least 80% olive oil and all of our essential oils are from 1st distillation. Our soaps are made in small batches and we cut them by hand.
  • Rice Bran & Coconut Massage Oil
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    CONTAINS NO NUT OILS Moisturize and massage are our two favorite words. This all-purpose oil spreads easily over the skin and is absorbed quickly (but doesn't need to be reapplied often). Rice bran oil contains vitamin E and is extremely gentle; and coconut oil adds the slip necessary for a great massage. Can also be used as a skin emollient or after-shower moisturizer.

    this all-purpose oil spreads easily and absorbs quickly
    light, non-greasy and nourishing
    can also be used as a skin emollient or after-shower moisturizer
    NOW free from all nut oils

    INGREDIENTS:Oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil.
    Coconut Oil & Goat's Milk Moisturizing Soaps
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    Essential Oil Blend:
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    Creamy lather. All-natural ingredients. Happy skin! Moisturizing goat's milk (Cleopatra's favorite bathing ingredient), healing coconut oil, and lubricating safflower oil will soothe and pamper all skin types: even the cranky and high-maintenance variety. Essential oils from plants and herbs gently clean and create a healthy glow. Perfect for everyday use, your skin will feel and look fresh and nourished.

    * all natural, creamy lather, long-lasting
    * intensive moisturizing, gentle cleansing
    * no artificial fragrances - naturally scented with essential oils

    Size: 5oz

    INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerin, goat's milk, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, soy bean protein, titanium dioxide, essential oils (except for our fragrance free variety).
    Lilly & Lola Coconut Oil For Skin
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    Stop fussing over applying cream moisturizers! A quick mist of Lilly & Lola's Coconut Oil for Skin to your arms and legs after the shower will create a light, defensive barrier to keep your skin irresistably touchable.

    Our Oil Barrier is known for its hydrating, smoothing, and rejuvenating properties. It leaves skin looking nourished, youthful, and beautiful. This ‘miracle’ moisturizer is made with only the highest quality, pure coconut oils, and is guaranteed to leave your skin soft and hydrated all day long. Coconut oil is renown for its benefits for your skin, hair, and lips and Lilly & Lola's moisturizers will be the perfect addition to your daily routine.

    - Easy mist application
    - Penetrates deeper layers of skin for long-lasting moisture
    - Fast-absorbing formula for a silky feel
    - High in Vitamin E & antioxidants for repairing

    Oil Weight: Light; Absorption: Quick (2-3 minutes)

    Lilly & Lola products are 100% natural, scent-free and hydrate like no other. Conveniently bottled with a mist dispenser for quick application. A light, fast-absorbing body moisturizer to keep your skin soft and healthy every single day.

    "I used to use cream on my arms and legs, but Lilly & Lola's Oil is so much faster to spray on after the shower and leaves my skin feeling like a baby's bottom!" -Stephanie (Toronto, Canada)
    Patchouli Cedarwood Coconut Candle
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    "Light Up Your Life with Coconut Heaven Candles"

    Fill your room with the aroma of Coconut Heaven Candles that's made with coconut wax and essential oils. Let it overtake your senses and put you into a soothing state of mind. Indulge your senses in an aromatic experience to stimulate your senses, relieve stress, and melt away the worries of your day.

    Studies have shown that depressed moods and negative emotions can be improved with natural aromatherapy scents.


    100% Cotton Wick (Lead-Free), Organic Coconut & Non-GMO Soy Wax, Patchouli Cedarwood Essential Oils.


    All Natural Ingredients
    Coconut Wax Blend
    Essential Oil Blend
    Botanical Extracts
    100% Cotton Wick (Lead-Free)
    No Petroleum Based Paraffin
    32-Hour Long Burn
    Made in U.S.A.
    Aromatherapy Benefits:

    Relieve Stress
    Enhance Mental Clarity
    Improve Concentration
    Relax Your Body
    Boost Natural Energy
    Create a Sensual Mood
    Candle Burning Instructions:

    1. The first time you burn the candle, allow it to burn long enough so the entire surface is melted to prevent a well from forming.
    2. After burning candle for 30 minutes, check to see if wick is centered. If not, center it with a metal object.
    3. Burn candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time.
    4. Trim or pinch off the burnt wick before relighting.
  • Relax & Detox Bath Salts
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    Relax and Detox your body with this luxurious bath soak made with ultra rich ingredients. Great for relieving stress, calming, relaxing softening skin and detoxifying the body. Relax your body and calm your mind. These are perfect for a night time bath for ultimate relaxation before bed. This can be used as a foot soak as well.
    Shanti Bath Salt
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    Shanti from the Sanskrit language means peace. Calm your mind with this mineral enriched bath salt that includes Jasmine and Vetiver, which evokes a sense of serenity. Himalayan salt crystals, one of the purest salts in the world, helps detox and soften your skin while nourishing Ashwagandha revitalizes your body.


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