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Cute Simple Quick And Easy Hairstyles

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • That photo was a lace braid. I love this one and I use it all the time. Here's how to do it:
    Take a medium sized piece of hair from where you want the braid to start. Split it into three parts and do one thread of a braid (over from the top, then over from the bottom). When you are ready to cross the top over again, take another piece with it and cross it over the middle strand. When you are ready to cross the bottom strand over, do NOT take another strand with it, and cross it over by itself. Repeat these steps until you like the length of the braid, then do a regular braid and tie it off.

  • Like the lace braid, I look to do many types of braids around my head like that, another one is the waterfall braid.
    Start off as you would do the lace braid. Which is to take a strand where you would want it to start, start braiding and take from the top. But when you want to take from the bottom, release the bottom hair that you would usually cross over and pick up a new piece of hair. Repeat these steps until you like the length of the braid. Then do a regular braid down and tie it off!

  • The last picture shows a way to make beautiful waves in the morning. So, you would want to do this at night. It is just two French braids.
    Split your hair into two (part wherever). Take a strand at the top but side of our head where your hair starts. Split it into three sections and start one thread of a braid, starting from the top section. When you are ready to cross over the top strand again, take another strand from the top with it and combine it into one, and cross it over. When you finish that and ready to cross over the bottom strand, take a strand from the bottom with it, -a

  • combine them into one strand, and cross it over. Repeat these steps until you run out of hair to take from that side. Then, start a normal braid and tie it off. Do this same thing to the other side and go to sleep. When you wake up, take out the braids and you'll have beautiful waves! Here is my result. -->

  • The last hairstyle is super simple and quick and it is one of my favorites. Here's how to do it:
    Take a small strand from the side of your head and either twist it or braid it. Make sure when you braid it, that your leaning toward the back of your head, otherwise It will leave a bump in the braid/twist if you don't! When you finish braiding/twisting, either tie off the braid or pit the twist in your mouth while doing the other side. It might seem gross but if you tie it, it will unravel! Do the same thing to the other side (but if you braided it don't tie it off, hang on to it). -->

  • If you braided the strands, take off the elastic you had on the other side and put it to the back of your head, and but the other one to the back of your head too! Tie them together and you're done!
    If you twisted it, take the strand out of your mouth and put it to the back of your head, put the other strand there to but the other way, and tie them together.
    For a cute addition, add a bow to the back!
    Voila! There are your super easy hairstyles.💖


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