Crochet String Light Balls DIY/ Perfect For Any Room :) by Samantha Wright - Musely
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Crochet String Light Balls DIY/ Perfect For Any Room :)

posted in DIY & Crafts
  • So for this project you will need -a string of lights ( I used mini lights from the bridal section of Walmart)
    -Elmer's liquid glue
    -crochet thread
    -water balloons
    -a large bowl
    -a hot glue gun

    ** You can use normal balloons if you're making larger versions of these, but keep in mind that this tutorial is for baseball sized balls, one for each light **

  • I'm going to apologize now, when I made these it was very messy and I was already covered in glue when I thought to take pictures, so there are no pictures of the process. I will do my best to give clear instructions to make up for the lack of pictures. The pictures that I do provide of the finished project are my own though.

  • First you need to mix glue and water in a large bowl, I don't have the exact measurements for this step but it's kind of hard to mess it up. Just make sure you use quite a bit of glue, your mixture should definitely still be runny like water but it should be pretty white and diluted looking.
    Now take your crochet thread and put the whole thing in the glue concoction.
    Blow up your water balloon to about the size of a baseball, or however large you want it and begin wrapping the crochet thread around it like you're winding a ball or yarn.

  • Continue winding the thread around the balloon until the balloon is mostly covered. Later when you pop the balloon you want enough thread to keep the round shape, but its also ideal that there isn't to much thread as to block out the light from the bulb. When you feel that you have a right amount of thread cut it off and tuck the end under another section of thread on the balloon.
    Now tie a piece of yarn or thread around the tie of the balloon and hang it off of something to dry. (It will probably dry over night, but it may take longer.

  • Once the balloons feel dry and the thread feels like it'll hold it's shape you can stick a pin in the balloon and pop it. (Side note: I love the noise it makes when the balloon detaches from the thread xD) Once the balloon is completely deflated you should be able to take it out by the tie with ease. Once you do this with all your balloons you can hot glue them into place on the string of lights. I stuck the light through the hole where the tie was and then super glued around it, being careful to not get glue on the bulb itself.

  • Again, I am so sorry that I didn't have any pictures of the process to include. However, if I do this again in the future (which I'm sure I will because its gorgeous!) I will be sure to take pictures and upload another tip with them!
    I hope everyone found this helpful, these are cute during the day and beautiful at night :)
    Also, in the pictures I did include, you may notice that the balls are different colors. I used white and beige crochet thread for my project and then alternated them. Fell free to mix and match as much as you want!

    Thanks for checking out my tip!


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