Contour Your Face For A More Sculpted Look! by MakeupPlus App - Musely
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Contour Your Face For A More Sculpted Look!

posted in Beauty > Makeup
  • Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, then one that's a shade darker for the shadows and one that's a shade lighter for the areas you want to keep lighter or you want to highlight (like the area under your eyes). Make sure to start subtle, it'll be enough to make a difference!

  • Think matte for exaggerating shadows and shimmer for highlighting. In other words, the areas you want to recede, you want to keep shimmer-free. Sparkle will only draw attention, which is why it's good for high points you want to make pop like your cheekbones!

  • If you have dark skin, concentrate on highlighting more than deepening the shadows of your face. Since a dark skin tone already plays up the shadowy areas, highlighting is the key to contouring for you!

  • When it's time to apply here's what to remember...

  • 1. The general areas you want to darken are the line under your cheekbones (where your cheeks naturally indent), the area around your hairline, your jawline (to make your face look slimmer and more oval), and the sides or your nose up into the creases of your eyes. You can also bring the darker shade under your chin and down your neck if you want to hide a double chin!

  • 2. Blend, blend, BLEND!

  • Need a contouring guide? MakeupPlus is a great way to see how different contouring methods will look like on your face. 1) Open the app, 2) tap on the "Editor" button, and then either choose a photo from your albums or tap on the camera icon to snap a selfie. 3) Once you've selected your photo, tap on the "Makeup" bar. 4) Use the "Contour" tool to tap through each contour method and see how it sculpts your face. 5) Slide the bar up and down to adjust the contour intensity. 6) Once you have found the the perfect fit, use it as a guide to apply contouring in real life!


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