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Confetti Snow Globe Place Card Holder!!

Paula 🌺 posted in Home & Garden
  • STEP 1 Uncap the plastic ornament to reveal the bottom of the wire hook. Cover the underside of the lid with hot glue to keep the wires in place. Set aside to cool. STEP 2 Cut the top of the wire hook in the middle, and lightly bend the wires so they overlap each other. This is what will hold card

  • STEP 3 Combine your glitter and small confetti until you have the mix to your liking, then set aside. STEP 4 Fill the ornament 3/4 full with water, then fill the rest with the confetti mix and glycerin.

  • Screw the cap back on and, with your finger ensuring the cap stays in place, shake the snow globe gently to make sure the confetti mix is evenly distributed and falling slowly enough to suit your liking. If not, add more glycerine to the mix, pouring out excess water into another waiting snow globe

  • STEP 5 Unscrew the cap from the snow globe and add a little bit of hot glue to the inside. Place the cap back on the snow globe, and hold the cap in place until the glue has time to cool and seal off the ornament.

Confetti Snow Globe Place Card Holder Gold glitter snows in this globe placecard holder. TOOLS AND SUPPLIES clear plastic ornament wire cutters glue gun and glue glycerin water coarse glitter small confetti white sticky tack
STEP 6 Set the snow globe ornament on a small piece of white sticky tack at each place setting to keep it in place, and insert a place card into the wire holder. Voilà!!

I hope you enjoyed this Tip!! Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments!! Thank you!! 💖😄✌️


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