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Coconut Oil Hair Mask! ♥

posted in Beauty > Hair
  • This is what I use!
    This is what I use!
  • I know some girls try tons and tons of things, some being quite ridiculous, to try and better there hair and help it grow. I myself have tried countless things, but I found one that ACTUALLY worked.

    Now, I'll go on and say this early before I even start. I have just below the bra strap length hair that is thick. This works for me. But everyone's hair is different, so it may not work for all of you. But you won't know until you try!

  • What y'all need:

    1. Small bowl

    2. Spoon

    3. Coconut oil

    4. Hair dryer (optional)

    5. Tennis shoe (optional)

    6. Plastic hair cap/net thing

    The best kind is unrefined. It hasn't been put through any chemical changes or anything, which is why it's good. Also organic/virgin is good too. I know some stores vary with the names.

    Note: I use Spectrum, but Trader Joes and Nutiva are very good too.

  • What to do:

    Basically, grab a tablespoon and a bowl. I usually use 3-4 spoonfuls. You'll probably need to test out different portions depending on your hair length and thickness.

    I put that into the small bowl and microwave it, stopping every ten seconds to stir it. If it gets to hot, wait to put it into your hair until it's slightly cooler.

    Massage the oil into your scalp beginning with the roots. Work your way to the ends until your hair is 'wet' with oil.

  • What to do continued:

    Once your hair is covered, flip your head upside down and massage gently for 4-5 minutes. But if your head starts to hurt, I recommend you quit.

    Now this may sound idiotic but it's important to do this. It causes good blood flow to your head which stimulates the hair follicles, encouraging growth.

    Then I put my hair into a bun, spread a towel over my pillow and go to sleep! (You can also wrap your hair in an old t-shirt or something like that).

  • Now if you haven't got the time to sleep in it, try this.

    Take a tennis shoe. Set it on the bathroom counter, near the edge and place the hairdryer in where it's angled downwards.

    Sit under it with either the clear hair cap or t-shirt wrapped around your hair for 15-30 minutes. It heats up the oil and scalp.

    I personally haven't done this because I can't sit still for that long, but my friend who also does this says it works too.

    (I'm sorry, but I couldn't not find a picture to describe this!)

  • And there you go!

    I do this 2-3 times a week because I only wash my hair every few days.

    As for results: When I started this, my hair was an inch above my bra strap and after a couple weeks, I saw that the ends were now past the bra strap.

    Understand that my hair grows fast. Even my hairdresser has said so. So please don't expect the same results because everyone's hair is different. But you will notice that your hair is sitter and shinier!

    Also. When washing it out, just wash it until it feel normal again. It takes me exactly 3 washes.

  • I hope y'all enjoy this and find it as useful as I do! (:


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