Clean Or Toss: A Guide To Maintaining Your Beauty Tools

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  • Makeup Brushes
    Clean: The more often the better, but aim for every other week.
    Toss: When ratty or frayed.
    Makeup Sponges
    Clean: Weekly. Unless you’re using the average drugstore makeup sponge, those are for one-time use only.
    Toss: Every 3 months or when cracked.
    Eyelash Curlers
    Clean: Weekly with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol.
    Toss: Replace the rubber pad every 4-6 months or when torn. Replace the curler when it loses tension. For most, that’s about every 12-18 months.

  • Makeup Bags
    Clean: Give it an honest assessment yearly. If it’s in good condition, throw it in the washing machine.
    Toss: When it’s no longer salvageable.
    Tweezers, Sharpeners and Nail Tools
    Clean: Ideally metal tools should be cleaned and disinfected after every use, or at least every 2 weeks.
    Toss: When the tools start to dull or you see rust or corrosion.
    Clean: Thoroughly rinse your razor and allow it to dry outside of the shower after every use.
    Toss: Weekly or when it begins to dull.
    Clean: Remove hair from the bristles weekly. Give it the full treatment monthly.

  • Toss: When bristles are broken or damaged.


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